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Rise Of The Eagle And Raven

Dates: 6th - 8th March 2020

Campaign Event
Squirrel Wood Scout Camp, Doncaster
Bookings now open!

The Jackal Faction is one of the ten Factions in the Lorien Trust Live Roleplaying System.

Every faction in the Lorien Trust has the opportunity to run events focussed more strongly on the faction, as opposed to the main events, which see gatherings of all ten factions. The next faction event is in the autumn, and we hope to see you there.

If you are thinking about creating a character and joining the Jackals, then have a look at the background material and list of resources to get you started. The plot team are always happy to discuss your ideas, to make sure they fit within the Faction ethos, and to give your character a running start.

We've got some Faction Forums for the discussion of all things Jackal related. Please feel free to drop by and have a read, and sign up if you want to participate. If you are a member of the Faction, then please e-mail the Webmaster when you sign up, so he can grant you access to the Faction-only section of the forums.

Once you've got access to the forums you can also access the Faction Library section using the same username and password. This section of the website is a store of In Character documents that have been made available to all members of the faction.

If you are ready to start contributing to the site, sign up to the forums to get an edit password, and start making your changes. There's a page about how to use this wiki, which will hopefully cover any questions you may have