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A random public picture relating to the lorien trust LARP system, taken from Flickr . Click on a photo to visit the full size version.


Here follows a list of those honoured Jackals who gave their lives in the name of something-or-other the faction was scrapping over at the time, offering up their tiny essences as a kind of fuel for the unstoppable march of the Jackals war machine, letting it grind out their sorry patterns under it's careless heel to leave no more than a greasy smudge in the margins of history.

May they find some kind of peace in whatever afterlife they call home because, Existence knows, there was none to be had in the Southlands.

  • Timet - Lizardman ex-Guardian of the Desert and supplier of comfortable chairs and benches. Died when he found a dagger laced with poison protruding from his back, allegedly he died of shock.
  • Yupa - Hyrkanian warrior, bodyguard and aide to Timet. Died during the Cataclysm.
  • Colin Allships - Some Guy In A Hat. Also had a squigle on his face.
  • Esteban Setep Ra - Some Emperor In A Smock. Responsible for a lot, some good, some bad.
  • Ramalam Ra - Some Guy With A Stick.
  • Ishmael Ibrahim Mushtaq - Some Guy With A FANATICAL DEVOTION TO THE JACKALS. Also sported a golden nipple helmet.
  • Those Dudes Who Died With Colin And Ram - May Their Names Live On In Someone's Memory...
  • Barney Cool - Who Was Really A Tranny. He was also an orc or was he a goblin?
  • Ja'red Telque - One Of Those Dudes That Died With Colin And Ram.
  • Abdullah the Butcher - An Angry Murab With a Big (now cursed) Sword.
  • Alak the erm.... - Some dude who could shout real loud... REALLY LOUD!
  • Tomtom Lefthook - Alak's trusty sidekick. Oddly the quiet one of the pair, considering he drank a lot.
  • Kiara - Healer who could swear louder than any trooper. Also managed to lose a lot from the Faction Armoury - Account owing, see Sheikh.
  • Habib Marwan - Champion of Satuun, hopefully not roasting in eternal torment...but probably is.
  • Spot Fang - Master Armourer of the Guild, heroically shredded while taking on a Titan Elemental and carried to the Plane of the Dead by Cerberus Himself.
  • Gashwang Nobrot aka Beefcake (25% beef) - Died like he lived...stupidly.
  • Scru’luuse Inizzed - 'im gat VIP access to da phattest party inna sky! Lang liv naked seezun!!
  • Tion aka T-Bone (25% beef) - FOOKIN' MOO!!!
  • Nathaniel Juv-Worv - He Came From A Long Line of Sword Fodder.