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The Jackal Faction are from the Southlands, a large landmass to the south of the Heartlands of Erdreja. The faction is made up of many different nations, Arabia, Maurabia, Graecia, Aegyptus and Persia. There are also numerous minor nations Sujan, Nepal, Nubia and Heshel.

The Southlands is a vast expanse of land, comprising many types of terrain, from the unfogiving deserts most familiar to the Northerners, to the grassland plains of Nubia and Heshel, the oppressive jungles of the Kongasa, the great peaks of Nepal and the fertile river valleys of the Nile and the Tigris.

These different nations produce a vibrant and diverse culture, ruled by their individual leaders. The Jackal Faction draws together the best and brightest of the Southlands to aid and serve these leaders, and bring the Southlands to a position of greatness and renown in the wider world.

Within the faction are a number of groups, each hailing from the nations of the Southlands. Look at the List of Groups for more information.

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