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Each of the factions is made up of a number of smaller groups, each consisting of anywhere from a single character up to over a hundred different player characters. Below is a list of the groups in the Jackals, along with short descriptions, and contact information (feel free to contact the Webmaster for specific information if it is not available here).

Herrod's International Trading

IC Group Leader: Sultan Vinn E'Gar Al'Fayed
OC Group Leader: James Osborn

Currently a small group, Herrod's International Trading are the sons, daughters, slaves and associates of the Great Sheikh En'Vac Al'Fayed of Arabia. They are traders, diplomats and gatherers of knowledge. Most of the group follow the Prophet Mah'Djinn, an ancestor of Arabia. The Webmaster currently plays Sultan Vinn E'Gar Al'Fayed, and would be happy to discuss character concepts with interested players.

The Tides of Blood

IC Group Leader: Tokee
OC Group Leader: Nigel Layton

Crew of a merchant ship that serves as the supply vessel to the Jackals Navy. It is responsible for dropping off arms and supplies both to ports and to the mighty warships that protect the Southlands coast. The crew make ends meet by trading wares picked up at the various ports they visit.

Temple of Sekhmet

IC Group Leader: Obakosey
OC Group Leader: Gwyn Teague

Militant followers of the Aegyptian ancestor of vengeance, Sekhmet. Based in Memphis the group brings a heavily armoured front line presence to the faction. Shield use, incantation and ritual magic are all encouraged. PM Obakosey for details (certain kit inc tower shields & robes are suppliable by the group for new members)

The Clan McTaff

IC Group Contact: Bashir McTaff
OC Group Contact: Michael Whitton

A Caledonian clan who spent generations in Cymrja due to a deal with fae. Originally part of the Bears? faction, joined the Jackals as it was forming. Settled in Sujan after killing a Gorgon that was terrorizing the local population (and doing a good trade in lifelike statues). The group are almost all involved with Rituals and most of us practice some kind of magic. PM Bashir McTaff or Chunder McTaff for details.

House Ferra

IC Group Leader: Raina
OC Group Leader: Ruth Fillery-Travis

Drawn from a wide variety of walks of life and races, House Ferra are a close group of friends that currently reside in Memphis, Aegyptus, after joining the Faction in 1105 AF. Many of the group are extremely competant weapon and armour smiths, others specialise in healing or faith-based magics. Their leader, Raina, will happily discuss any trade queries or purchase requirements and they can often be found at the Guilds.

The Wardens

IC Group Leader: Sathana
OC Group Leader: Kellie ingram

In 1022, a Nomadic family unit was sent to prison by a Caliphate court for a crime they probably did commit. This family promptly escaped (murdered their way out) from a maximum security jail to the Baghdad underground. Today, still wanted by everyone, they survive as Djinns of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can afford the massive costs... maybe you can hire... The Wardens.

(Currently not recruiting)

Court of the Crimson Dune

IC Group Leader: Prince Hakim Azam Abbas
OC Group Leader : Adrian Waite

A Court of Seelie Fey that reside in Persia. Predominantly battle made up of battle mages. The Court is nomadic by nature and thrives on walking in Sunlight. Ethos of the Court is to inspire others to be greater than their best. The Court is also part of a world group known as The Accord which is a collection of Fey groups from all factions. #feynation

Note: We are open and welcoming , some of us have children that attend,

House Brass

IC Group Leader: No leader
OC Group Leader: John O'neil

A group of Fey from some of the Fey courts of Teutonia and Arcadia, living by the code of the Accord. The Accord is union of all fey be it sunlight or twilight. Fey characters are more than welcome, not really child friendly due to the group’s activities: the group is ran as a meritocracy, those who wish to become prominent, take it.

Guardains of kessel

IC Group Leader: Lady Heather Rock Selle
OC Group Leader: Mary Templeman.

The group is a bunch of people of various races and skills, some who have no faith and others who have lots of faith in different Ancestors from around the Egg. We are there to help the jackals and guilds as much as we can. Happy to talk with others.

The Trappers

IC Group Leader: Drewydion Vidurr
OC Group Leader: Andy Fielding

Originally the Trappers hailed from somewhere in the north. Driven from their ancestral home as children, they wandered the Egg serving many different masters in many roles. They settled in Epirus, a state in North West Graecia where Drew, the group leader, presides as Senator. The Group is made up of all types of races, faiths and professions and spends most of its time with the Healers Guild.

Juv-Worv Clan

IC Group Leader: Gregorious Juv-Worv (Greg Hoole)
OC Group Leader: Elizabeth "Kitty" Crowe

Alchoholic Confectioners from Ithaca and Ionia, strong family values, and a vast presence in Graecia due to the amount of members there are, many people are considered "Cousins" either through blood, marriage, or rite of passage. Identifiable by a purple sash with a sun/moon motif. Contact can be made through Gondaline (Nikki Hodgson) if in Faction or Gregorious Juv-worv in faction or at the scouts guild.

The Brotherhood of the Desert Night

IC Group Leader: Abdul Habulbul
OC Group Leader: Marcus Riley

“If you see a Lions teeth, do not assume he is smiling” Born from the harsh deserts of Maurabia, where the weak die & the strong live, where disagreement is resolved with a sharp wit and sharper blade, the Brotherhood of desert night is a tripartite alliance made up of Maurabian Nobles, Maurabian desert traders and a Persian unseely fey court. Driven by honour and influence, shrewd deals where everything can be bought for the right price and a desire for chaotic hedonism they promise an "unforgettable" experience for those that encounter them. The best of friends and the worst of enemies, never try to guess what the Brotherhood is thinking or going to do next, you’ll almost always be wrong. If they complement your boots, then get your affairs in order. Currently ruled by the Iron fist of their democratically elected oppressor, Abdul Habulbul, who claims no title other than “23rd son”, but on who’s shoulders his people pile infamy and titles such as “King Abdul”, “The Black Pope of Maurabia” or “The Hurta in a Kurta” to name a few.


IC Group Leader: Calix
OC Group Leader: Jo O'Neil

Furpile is one of the newest groups in the faction, a place for beastkin and their 'pets' and strictly no drama.

The Immortals

IC Group Leader: TBA
OC Group Contact: Damian Faulkner

The Immortals are a 'foreign legion' of sorts, comprised of members hailing from various places around the Southlands and further afield. They currently perform the lion's share of the duty guarding the gateway into the Jackals compound and are a good place for those relatively new to the Jackals to meet new friends and learn how to fight and who's who in the faction.

The Throsgaard

IC Group Leader: Dai Murasaki
OC Group Leader: Mike Nightingale

The Throsgaard, known as 'the Honour Regiment' hail from the Throsgaard Isles near frozen Norsca, and moved to the Southlands and joined the Jackals a few years ago. Currently they are the Jackal's custodians of Heshel, a small country to the South-East of Aegyptus made even smaller by the raging Sandstorm and encroachment of the Kongassan jungle. Each and every Throsgaard is a veteran of various trials and rites of passage, so true membership is fairly exclusive and they are more of a family than a group, though they are a friendly enough bunch and have proven valuable assets in the Jackals war efforts, cementing their place in the faction.

This is by no means an exhaustive or necessarily representative list, so please feel free to expand.