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Arabia is one of the great nations of the Jackal Empire. It is a large country, consisting mostly of barren and arid desert lands. This landscape has bred a hardy people, the Arabians are some of the toughest members of the Empire (a status that occasions much debate with their neighbouring country, Maurabia).

Due to the scarcity of resources, most Arabians are nomads, travelling from oasis to oasis. The wandering, plus the central position of Arabia in the Southlands has led to the development of a vibrant and robust trading culture. Trade caravans ply the routes over the desert, stopping in the few great cities that have grown up at the crossroads of these routes to serve the traders, and provide a market for their goods.

These great cities have lead to the creation of great wealth, for some. The cities and provinces of Arabia are ruled by rich Sultans, some are true nobles from old Arabic families, others made rich by trade have bought their titles. Once a man has bought or inherited his kingdom he rules over it, employing Arabian Knights to enforce his laws, ensuring he remains in control of his land, and his profit. These men believe themselves to be the law and are above anyone. As with all rulers, some are corrupt, others are benign. Each city falls under the jurisdiction of its ruling Sultan.

With such high profits available to be made the Sultans often squabble amongst themselves attempting to increase their share of wealth and trade. This rarely breaks out in to large combats, not because they dislike killing their opposition, but such activities would no doubt have a negative effect on their long term trade, and subsequently their wealth and standing.

Sultans and wealthy trading houses often seek to use benevolent Genie and mercurial D'jinn to further their own causes. These creatures are inherently Arabian and are feared and respected by the Arabian people. The Sultans see to affiliate themselves with these creatures, as association with them brings great awe and respect in the eyes of the common Arabian.

The nomadic nature of the people mean that the true extent of Arabia is always changing, circumstances can drive all of the desert tribes from an area, what was once Arabia could be considered Persia the next year, and Maurabia the year after that, depending on which tribe last set up camp at a particular oasis. The only constants are the great cities, Marrakesh, Tripoli, Syracuse, Damascus, Medina and Baghdad, and the areas surrounding them.

The ruler of Baghdad is traditionally the ruler of Arabia, he takes the title Caliph. In 1105 the Conclave destroyed the city with a powerful magical attack, killing the old Caliph and many of the inhabitants of Baghdad. In recent times the city has been slowly rebuilt, and a distant relative of the old Caliph has been raised to the Caliphate.

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