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The Changrami are a sub-culture of Fey that originally came from Avalon. When Holy Isle fell into Erdreja, a small fragment broke away and landed just off the western coast of Aegyptus. Very militant in appearance, the Changrami do not tend to appear like any other type of Fey in Erdreja, but this is due to their time spent under the Nosta Ka, serving as gladiators for their master’s entertainment. When the Changrami finally revolted and joined the Lions in their war against the Nosta Ka, they gained their freedom but ultimately were exiled from Avalon as the Plane of Dreams died.

While the Changrami swore an oath of allegiance to the Pharaoh Djsereseth in 1101AF, their subsequent actions have made many Aegyptians question their motives and true loyalty. The first act was to sign over the ownership of the Pharaoh’s Tears? (something the Pharaoh had charged the Changrami to protect in his name) to the Graecians, which to this day is heavily disputed by the Aegyptians over the legitimacy of the agreement. Secondly, they refused to allow any Aegyptus temple to be built upon the soil of the Isle of Finnis?, declaring that all Ancestors of Aegyptus are, in truth, minions of the Nosta Ka. Finally, Saint Mandrid, head of the Changrami and Warmaster of the Jackal Empire at the time, refused to fight his own brother Damocles, who had joined the Council of Vizers with the promise of power, saying that the laws of the Changrami meant that whatever damage one did to the other, both would suffer the injury, thus fled into the desert rather than sacrifice himself to destroy a powerful agent of the Council of Vizers?.

Disgraced, the Changrami, under the stewardship of Tempest Warchild, agreed to forfeit the Isle of Finnis? totally to the Pharaoh of Aegyptus, lifting all the bans against the Aegyptus faiths. Since that day, the Changrami withdrawn away from day-to-day politics and continue to hide within the City in the Mists, avoiding all contact with the outside world.

Inhabitants of the Southlands