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Ancestors of Clan McTaff

(by Bryn McTaff)

The Ram – Dark Father

The Ram is the ancestor of all Sheep, and the father of both Bethan and grandfather to the clan itself. The clan itself was formed as part of a pact with the Goddess (see Note 1) to protect his children from the Fomor. He seeks to protect the clan and his children by whatever means necessary – often using the dark arts to smite their foes.

Some theologians (see Note 2) among the clan claim he had a child – Vengeance, others claim this is simply an aspect of the Ram.

Raven – Trickster

Raven is a trickster, and long time friend of The Ram, with great love of shiny things and friendship of the Fae. He arranged the pact with the Fae to keep the Fomor out of Caledonia for 28 generations in return for the clans exile in Cymrja for the same time. Being far too chaotic Raven appears as male or female depending on whim (but refuses to be labelled Rams bird).

Some theologians (see Note 2) among the clan claim she had a child – Chaos, others claim this is simply an aspect of the Raven.

Bethan – Clan Protector

Bethan is the mother of Taff – the first of the clan and spiritual mother to the whole clan. She seeks to protect the clan through healing, wise words and cups of tea and tries not to notice what unpleasant acts Ram performs to smite their foes. Taffodils (called Daffodils by the infidels) are her sacred flower, and are planted around shrines to Bethan and generally protected wherever they grow by the clan.

Shep – First Sheepdog

Ram had problems looking after his flock – he could kill their enemies (wolves, Fomor, etc.) but many kept wandering off on their own or in small groups (and getting themselves killed). Bethan and the clan could not manage to keep the flock from wandering on their own – they needed help. Ram tried to find a solution – he tried undead wolves and sheep (but the flock just ran away) – he then tried wolves controlled by his dark powers (but they killed some of the flock). Finally he asked for help from his fellow ancestors – they came up with a plan - Raven stole a wolf puppy and Bethan raised it. The puppy was named Shep, and her children worked tirelessly to stop the clan wandering off.

Other Ancestors

Some worship Chaos and Vengeance as children of Raven and Ram (see above). There is also tales of Uncle G – the first lobster – an old drinking friend of Ram. The Gloag worshipped a variety of totem beasts (owl, salmon, etc.) and this practice was adapted by some of the clan in worship of Crom Cruath the first tadpole (and probably other comedy animals). Finally some heroic members of the clan have been worshipped as Ancestors including Dragonswoe (father of the modern clan) and a former chieftain Dai.

Note (1) The Goddess is thought to be Anu

Note (2) These Theologians existed at some point – really they did. And no you can’t meet them / summon / raise them. Others might say they are simply abstract concepts – and I don’t think Bethan had children called Logic or Reason.