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This transcript has its roots in the oral traditions of the Nomadic tribes of the Deep Murabian Desert.

These are the words of my father's father's father, herein lieth the heritage of your brothers, listen well wanderer and, by the Nine Moons, you shall have riches beyond your most fevered imaginings...

It is said that there once was a time when our footsteps were not dictated by the ways of shifting sand and blistering wind.

Once there was a place for us where we were at rest, a land of peace and a land of plenty. It is said that water flowed throughout the land but did not master it and that it did flow in vast channels that cut and divided the land and green things did grow by the waters and the wonderous food they brought forth was the province of no man. And it is said that any who hungered would go and eat of the fruit and be filled, any who thirsted might go to the waters and drink of them and be content. And it was by these waters that the Nomads were born, but they were called Saveryta, "The Satisfied Ones" and amongst the waters of their home, they did flourish for age upon age.

Into three portions, the land was divided and the largest of these was named Bi'yit which means "Home". Thereon lieth the centre of the peoples of that time and unto them was gifted long life and happiness according to the teachings of the King whose word was as law. And from their midst did rise a spire of rock and it was named Bait Alorhanu,which means "Place of the Mighty", and upon its summit the peoples did raise a great palace wherein was stored all the riches and treasures of all the lands. All that man could create with hand or with mind had its place within its walls. And there was a hall, wherin sat the King. And he was mighty and glorious to behold, courage and joy did he instill in his children, the people, and fear did he strike into the hearts of his enemies for he did wield righteous justice in his right hand and in his left, glorious retribution. From Bait Alorhanu he did rule for an age and all that he ruled was posessed of a vitality unsurpassed. The peoples went throughout the land and unto themselves they gathered many wonderous things of fire and air and metals, for it was in their nature to wish to understand all things. And they did divide these things between themselves fairly so that all men recieved their third without strife and had not to lose any of their tribe in battle and all were happy and well.

But at the Great Cataclysm, when the order of the world was renewed, the waters of the homeland were swallowed and the land rose up to take the peoples of the world unto itself and all men did know fear. And a great madness took them, father betrayed son, brother betrayed brother and all feared to lose that which they had been given. And in their madness they took from eachother what was not their due and in doing so many were left barren and a great divide arose between those who were strong and had the power to take from others and those who had not the strength to defend themselves.

So began Ha'yom Horsherthe "The Days of Darkness" and as the old world was lost, so were many things of wonder and beauty.

And the King looked upon them and he wept for though he was mighty and wise above all others, the King knew not of a way to mantain the peace he had wrought, for his people were filled with a darkness. And in his heart he knew that his world was ended. So it was that he did go forth into the halls of Bait Alorhanu with a furious anger and tore down the banner of peace. And Lo! as the pieces fell to the floor, the land itself did quake at their wrath and a vast curtain of fire arose from the earth and from east to west Bi'yit was split asunder. And the peoples did cry out, "Behold! The King seeks our final destruction. Woe unto us for we have failed him! Alas! Alas!" The men tore their breasts and gnashed their teeth and the women did wail and weep for that which was lost.

They gathered in great caravans taking with them those treasures of blood and earth that were most precious to them and they did vow, amongst the ruins of their home, that never again would they condemn themselves to the whims and tyranny of another and that they would remake Bi'yit a land apart and that its glory should be known throughout all Erdreja. And so the Saveryta fled to the sands for safety and there they fasted for food was scarce, and they did learn the ways of the desert but in doing so many among them who were weak did die and their numbers diminished.

After a time they ventured out of the deep desert and went to seek out Bi'yit but the land was changed and they knew not where they stood. And there was great anguish and discord but from their midst some among them spoke of a scent and an echo on the wind that carried memories of days long passed. But each having his own mind on the matter, did set his face to a different direction and, feeling his path truest, would not be swayed. And so those who were posessed of the knowledge of Bi'yit took to themselves their kin and, setting their faces to the new world, the Tribes did set out in as many different directions as there are points of the compass and the Children of Peace were forever separated.

So began the wandering of the Nomads.

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