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The Eldrin, a sub-culture of Desert Elves, actually inhabited the northern region of Sujan, protecting the borders of Aegyptus with Maurabia. While the Eldrin had no real alliance with Aegyptus, on several occasions they have strangely appeared to assist against an invading army. The Eldrin have also been credited with the assassination of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, which ultimately brought about the end of the suppression of the other Aegyptus Temples and the strangle hold the Aten faith had over the country.

Why they did this will never be known, for the Eldrin were all but wiped out by the Sujanesse tribes, with the help from the Jackal Empire in 1103AF when they rose up against the “reign of terror” the Eldrin held over them, in turn allowing Sujan to claim it’s independence from Maurabia.

Inhabitants of the Southlands