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Graecia is an archipelago set deep within the eastern Steal Sea. It has a history steeped in strife & conflict and yet honour & glory in equal measure. It is a land of contrasts where impossibly high show-capped mountains plunge into the ocean next to rich, fertile and thriving valleys. Where decadent and jewel-encrusted merchants sell their wares to soldiers of stoic, martyrial virtue and where venomous, power-hungry, tyrants trade deals with self-assured democracies.


Despite its southern location Graecia’s rich and varied landscape lends itself to a wide range of local climates. Sheltered from the fiercest winds the valleys of the eastern and south-eastern mainland can be lush and inviting. The agriculture is good and their inhabitants spend much of their time cultivating olives, wheat and citrus groves. Whilst in the surrounding mountains, shepherds and goat farmers ply their trade in fleece, milk and cheese.

The western reaches of Epiros are heavily forested and its people are more used to catching game than harvesting crops. In the darkness of the forest interior only the bold or knowledgeable step, for its inhabitants, be they beast or man, guard the woodland passes fiercely.

The eastern plains of Thessaly are worlds apart from the rest of Graecia. With dry, rolling fields of wheat and hay, interspaced with the fortified citadels to defend them. Its people are proud of their land and wary of their neighbours who eye their lands enviously.

The northern realms are harsh, cruel and unforgiving. Its people labelled as barbaric savages by the south. What little food can be scraped from the barren, craggy wilderness is hoarded zealously; least the wolves and brigands claim it first.

Without any protection from the fierce storms of the eastern steel sea, the Ionian islands of north-western Graecia can be inhospitable and bleak. Its people are mainly fishermen and base their economy on the sales of crab, swordfish and mussels to the mainlanders.

The eastern island chain is largely uninhabited, save for mountainous Bithynia in the north and tranquilic Rhodos in the south. The islanders are usually untroubled by the concerns of others and some move to the islands for the solicitude they offer.

The far southern chain is geographically far closer to Aegyptus than the rest of Graecia and can be arid, sand-blasted and thirsty for fresh water; ironically forcing its inhabitants to ferry drinking water away from the mouth of the Nilos Delta (or the Nile as it is known in its native Aegyptian). Little grows here, but the sea serves to keep bellies well fed.

They are countless other smaller islands, islets and rocky outcrops scattered across Graecia, few of them with names. They offer little other than to befoul the shipping lanes of unwary sailors. At most you can find the occasional goat farmer tending to his herd.



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