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Jann is the collective name for the various types of elemental creatures that can be found in the Southlands.

It is well known throughout the Southlands that every part of world is suffused with Daemons and Jann and other such creatures, all potentially of the malignant type, to be propitiated by an appeal to knowledge of the supernatural. The Jann are associated with things and places - stones, rivers, buildings, bricks. Every cove of the seashore, every point, every island and prominent rock, every oasis, every river, every storm has its guardian spirit. Countless Jann inhabit the natural world; they fill household objects and are present in all locations. The Jann of different places are known to behave differently, and to be of distinct natures, and so are named accordingly.

The most commonly encountered or named are the D'jinn, the Zephyr and the Efreeti (creatures of Air, Air/Water and Fire). Many other types are known, such as the Damak, Marad and Undine. The rarer Jann are those aligned with the Existential planes. Genie are the representative type of existential Jann, and they have a long history of antagonism with the Jann aligned to the elements of Creation.

The power of various Jann ranges across a wide spectrum. The majority are little more than a whisper on the wind, or a ripple in a pool, but some take physical form and walk amongst the Southlanders, and a rare few are great lords, forced to reside mostly on their natural plane.

Inhabitants of the Southlands