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Maurabia is one of the great nations of the Jackal Empire. It is a large country, consisting mostly of barren and arid desert lands. This landscape has bred a hardy people, the Maurabians are some of the toughest members of the Empire (a status that occasions much debate with their neighbouring country, Arabia).

Geography and politics

Although thought of as a nation, Maurabia is actually formed of many different states, principalities and tribes that stretch across much of the Eastern half of the Southlands. The difference in size, culture and strength of these states is vast and should not be ignored. Each tribe and state have their own distinct practices and ways of life, the subtleties of which are often lost on those who are not Maurabian.

Whilst Arabia is unified under the Caliph and Aegyptus is ruled by the Pharaoh, Maurabia's states are each a law unto themselves. A lose collection of chieftains sometimes meet to represent the interests of their states, but there is no formalised agreement between them. Even which lands are and are not included in Maurabia is often a point of contention (Sujan was once a Maurabian state, as was Nubia. The town of Scheschem was once claimed by the Persians, but is now considered Maurabian).

There are few towns of note in Maurabia, the harsh landscape makes large settlements difficult to form. Kazikstan and Dakhar are notable exceptions and these are more regularly occupied places as opposed to the cities found elsewhere in the lands.

There is one city of substantial size in Maurabia, the city of the dead, Al'Quiafar. Little is know of the origin of this city, but enough of its dark history is known for wise travellers to give it a wide berth.


Maurabians are often lauded as the most hardy people in the Southlands. They survive where others wouldn’t and exist against all odds. This harsh landscape has bred harsh people. Often mislabelled as thieves and vagabonds the people of Maurabia are survivors.


Here follow some examples of the oral traditions of the people of Maurabia, here they are transcribed for storage purposes but they are best experienced in the shade of a dune when the moon is high...

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