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Nubia is a vast, rather flat scrubland, which is drier towards the northwest. In contrast, the southern and eastern borders are lush and well-watered. Compared to the barren wastes of Maurabia to the north, Nubia is a beautiful and fertile landscape. Numerous mammals are found in the bushveld habitats including leopards, white rhinos, blue wildebeest, kudus, impala, and hyenas. There are rumours of many rarer beasts stalking the plains, but few reliable sightings of creatures such as the flaming-dire-lion, cheetah-hippo or the great and terrible giraffe, are ever confirmed.

Nubia’s best know "animal" is the orc. Hordes of orc tribes fill Nubia, leaving little room for any other intelligent creatures. trolls, goblins and kobolds exist in significant number, but only survive if they merge into or under the local orc tribes.

With its lush green plains, rich natural resources and abundant wildlife Nubia could be seen as an attractive prospect for expanding powers. However its violent natives have always kept expansionists at bay. Nubia has never been conquered by any empire or army, a show of strength unmatched by most of the world. However this strength is limited; Nubias tribal warfare dominates the landscape. Fierce battles and raids are daily occurrences.

Unpredictable and untrusted by its neighbours Nubias inclusion in the Jackals has sometimes been frowned upon.