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Sujan is a fierce open land that makes up the southern border between Aegyptus and Maurabia. The old Kingdom road leads directly through its western planes and acts as the main doorway from Aegyptus into the Maurabian lands. The road itself passes through the mountainscape that runs along the south-western border of Sujan. These mountains shelter Sujan providing it a great deal of autonomy from the sprawling wastes of Maurabia.

The peoples of Aegyptus show little interest in this dusty grassland, in fact Sujanís earliest historical record comes from an Aegyptian source which described the land upstream from the First Cataract as "wretched". Sujan is flat and dry with sporadic patches of grassland. During the dryest periods of the year Sujan is plagued by sand storms, known as haboob, which can completely block out the sun.

Unsurprisingly Sujan is sparsely populated like many of the Maurabian states, this is mainly due to its lack of natural resources. When Aegyptus last took note they estimated Sujans population as 6500 to 7000. A third of this population is based around the three large oases found in Sujan. These Oases dominate the lives of Sujan's inhabitants and the control of them is often the cause of tribal conflict.

Within this sand covered land there are few place of sufficient note, no real cities but mud and huts, built onto a frame of wood and straw crowd round the oases much like bees to honey. Guarding the precious resource and lifeblood of the communities. The McTaffs created the only town in Sujan, called New Goervan, a town ritually transported from Clan lands in the Bears a number of years ago.

This small desert Kingdom has been dominated for some time by the Desert Eagles, the largest tribe of Sujan. They control two of the three oases and it was their leader, the Grand Omir of Sujan, who swore Sujan's allegiance to the Jackals

The controllers of the third oasis are the Riders of the Endless Waste. This tribe won great renown by leading the Sujanese tribesmen against the Eldrin of "Elhrana", Which had been a blight on Sujan for many years.

The tribesmen of Sujan are highly trained hunters. Men will leave for weeks at a time to hunt for food and come back only when they have enough to feed their people. Spears and bows are their staple weapons and tracking it taught to children at an early age. Due to their great skill at hunting and tracking in the harsh desert landscape the Aeyptians have used the Sujanese tribesmen as scouts for centuries.

When a tribesman dies he is taken from the camp and left in the desert for animals to eat. The tribesmen respect the fact that the animals must feed and survive if the tribes are to prosper. This respect for the desert animals goes as far as veneration with tribes praising animal totems and calling to them for power. Almost all of Sujanese folklore revolves around animals, showing the many things that can be learnt from them to survive in the wilderness.

The admission of Sujan into the Jackals has seen a beneficial increase in trade for its inhabitants. Food, water, wood, cloth, all these things are now in demand in the desert lands. The payment often in the form of beautifully carved animal figurines. Camels are no longer hired to transport goods, but are purchased outright. Life is good for the people of Sujan, the luxury goods that they are traded allows them to buy more food and wood, even some objects from the Northern lands, such as steel. All these they now trade. Life is good, the desert may be harsh, but in time it provides for its children as it does now.