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The Cyclades

Deep in the arid south the Cyclades lap around the northern coastline of Aegyptus shielding it from the ocean breeze. With precious little rainfall and few rivers inland the parched islands of the Cyclades bake in the summer heat, the long grasses stained yellow by the ever-present sun.

The region is split into three political entities along it's long chain, Ionia to the south (see above) Minoa in the central region and New Korinthia to the east.


The ancient lands of Ionia stretch out in the far south-western reaches of the Graecian Archipelago are are closer geographically to southern desert than the Graecian mainland. Here, were the climate is at its hottest, the interior is more reminiscent of the parched southern deserts of Aegyptus than the highlands of northern Thrace or Macedonia.

Ionia is dominated, both culturely and politically by vast Troy, an impenetrable fortress which has expanded nearly the entire length of the island of Lemnos. Economically its only rival is Korinth and the two cities are known for many misunderstandings on the high seas.

The good citizens of Troy have elected Zathras, a well-respected member of the Militia Guild and the Juv-Worv clan, as Senator.


The largest and most southern isle of Minoa is Krytos, the archaic centre of the Minoan Empire. A beastkin kingdom who used to dominate all of southern Graecia. Whilst over many years they have been pushed back to the Cyclades the Minoans tolerate no rival to their rule on home ground and dominate Krytos in its entirety.

Tiny Lemnos serves as the main port for the Minoans due to its natural harbours. Although due to a lack of wood and expertise mostly the ships are bought from their former foes in Graecia.

The fierce warrior isle of Thasos is where the Minoans train their hardest of soldiers. With an elite military, although small in number the Minoans of Thasos are prized as mercenaries.

Samothrace is the most northern island controlled by the Minoans and remains war-scarred from past battles. The Minoans here are wary and fortified.

New Korinthia

New Korinthia is a recent, post-cataclysm development in a region previously more famous for its pirates and rocky shores. Releasing that their great economic rival Troy, now stood set to dominate the northern sea routes from Aegyptus, the merchant-princes of Korinth set to building a new outpost to capture a share of the trade for themselves. They called the port Naupaukos, but the local Cycladians, sarcastically took to calling it New Korinth instead and the name stuck.

Closest to Minoa the citizens of Ios struggle to feed themselves on an island consisting of little more than cracked earth. Many leave home to work in the Graecian navy.

Naxos used to be a quiet backwater until it was declared in 1103 to be the site for the new Jackals guild Isle. Since then Naxosí economy has bloomed as the islanders have traded their meagre existence for supplying dignitaries to the island with food and lodgings.

Paros now lives in the shadow of its more illustrious neighbour, although the island is more fertile than most and so helps to keep the Cyclades fed.

Stormy Delos bears the worst of the weather from the north, although its pious populace donít mind as the island is rumoured to the birth place of the twin ancestors, Apollo and Artemis.

Kithnos was a haven for the Pelasgi living in the south. The capricious and erratic fey are too much trouble for outsiders and so had been left to the tiny island for themselves. However this all changed when the Korinthians landed and built the port of New Korinth in a deep natural cove on its southern coast.

Kea is even smaller, but featured an important port for ships sailing north out of Aegyptus, as a final stop before hitting the deep ocean. Most of the island was inhabited by sailors, shipwrights and merchants looking to make a fast buck out of the passing trade. The island was ravaged however during the cataclysm and few live there now, especially as New Korinth in nearby Kithnos has stolen most of their old custom.