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The city is located on the edge of the Unforgiving desert and is built upon on a rocky outcrop of land. Tripoli was founded by the Persians who named it Oea. The climate is typical of Arabia, with hot, dry summers, cool winters and some modest rainfall.

Having been driven back east by various circumstances the Persians built Oea on the east side of the Unforgiving desert, hoping the combination of a manmade barrier backing up the physical barrier of the desert would protect them from further territorial loss.

Long after the Persians had lost the city to the Ottoman the Arab tribes came to power, surging North from the Gardens of Babylon. Many of the weakened states they encountered submitted with little fight, the great city Baghdad supplying a rare example of prolonged defiance. When the Arabs finally took Baghdad, Tripoli became cut off from its support base. The Arabs surrounded the city, and rather than fight the fortress they waited for the inevitable surrender, not willing to spend more of their own lives when the passage of time could do their work for them. Cut off from support with no hope of supplies the isolated defenders gave up Tripoli.

Tripoli is mainly used by the Arabs as a place of rest for trade caravans along the old empire road. It acts as the last rest stop before the Unforgiving desert to the West. The City of Abbabis lies on the other side of the desert and the two cities work closely together in various matters.

As a structure Tripoli is incredibly defensible, as long as it is not cut off from the vital supply lines that maintain it. Tripoli is built on a rocky outcrop, with commanding views over the surrounding land for many miles. This land is hard to work and offers little reward for a lot of effort, hence the city's reliance on imported ford.

Tripoli is often used as a military training facility for Arabian men at arms. Ores are brought in by trade caravans so the men can learn to smith and keep their equipment in a good state of repair.

A number of years ago Tripoli was subjected to a terrible famine, because of its close proximity to one of the Wasir pillars of salt. Following inaction from the Jackals, Tripoli was saved from disorder by a group of knights from the Heartlands. After the knights settled the situation in Tripoli they started to look after their own agenda. Whilst attempting to impose cultural change much death and destruction was caused.

The Faction mustered its great warriors, and after a number of battles managed to rout the orders of knights from Tripoli, bringing it once more under the aegis of the Empire, and allowing it to begin to rebuild itself to match its former glories.

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