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Were-Jackals - The curse of Inpw

Many a fool wishes to steal the abundant wealth found in the tombs of Aegptus; but few are foolish enough to try. If the immediate threat of the tomb guards is not enough to dissuade the common thief, the knowledge that the ancestors wrath will fall on them most often is.

Out in the deserts, far from the hustle of cities and the threat of gaurds, where men go only if they must. The sun alone is enough to make men contemplate the insane. Many a small tomb, humble in stature, offers shade and possible wealth to the passer by. But small and humble as it is the ancestors still watch over it.

Tomb thieves who survive the initial traps within soon find themselves hunted. They are hounded by the guardians of the tombs, the protectors of the dead. In the darkness of the desert night no amount of stolen gems and gold will comfort a man who see’s the golden eyes of the children of Anubis approaching.

Bloodied claws will take back what has been taken from the tombs. Order, where it can be, is restored and the blessed children Inpw move on.

Not all who are bitten die or lose themselves to the will of Inpw. Some survive, crazed by their ordeal, and stray into cities, only to cause panic amongst the locals.

It has been know that some, blessed or protected by another ancestor, survive and flourish with the curse, but this is rare indeed.