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A random public picture relating to the lorien trust LARP system, taken from Flickr . Click on a photo to visit the full size version.


The Basic Layout

The wiki is divided into Groups of Pages. We have several groups of pages currently, and can add more are needed.

Main - This contains the front page and a couple of others. It's not really supposed to be edited that often, so it's secured differently to the rest of the site.

Factions - This group contains pages about the factions, and should be used for any pages about factions other that the Jackals, and contains the main page for information about the Jackal Faction.

Jackals - The Jackals group of pages is used to store all of the background and information relating to the faction, or the nations within the faction.

Groups - Use the Groups group to add a page decribing your own group in the faction.

Characters - If you want to write about a particular character, then use the Characters group. Try to only record information about your own character here, and encourage people to sign-up and add their own character if you want to see them.

Plot team oversight

It's not appropriate to put all information about the game onto a public website, we all know the best way to keep an IC secret is to keep it an OC secret too.

The Plot Team keep an eye on the content of the wiki, and will remove or edit contributions as they see fit, either to keep things hidden that should be secret, or to correct inaccuracies that may have been posted.


It's really easy to add an image to a page, you can do it in one of two ways, depending on where the image is hosted.

If you have a copy of the image hosted on the net somewhere, then simply include the URL of the image in the wiki page while you are editing it.

If you need to host the image on the wiki itself, then this is also possible. You need to add the text "?action=upload" (without the quotes) to the end of the wiki page you want to display the image on. It will ask for a password, e-mail the Webmaster and he'll be happy to pass it on. You should then be able to follow the instructions on the screen, and then link to the image using the text "Attach:filename.ext" in your wiki page.

The software

This wiki is based on PmWiki and you can get full documentation from that site.