Hello (Kasumi the New Jackal slave)

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Hello (Kasumi the New Jackal slave)

Post by Domo230 » Fri Aug 10, 2012 5:34 pm

Hi Guys

Names Stephen - Currently playing Kasumi a slave of master Karrow (Colins character) of the Osirans.
Just look for the really foreign guy with an axe who keeps misunderstanding Jackals culture.

Formerly a Gryphon but got tired of my character as he was getting too successful (great bunch btw) and so decided to go for the bottom of the social order with a slave who can't read.
I had a great time at the Moot and look forward to rping with the lot of ya.

If someone wants to teach me to read or use magic without it going haywire (more about that IC) then that would be great as I'm still learning.
I have Kev's email so will send him plot info ASAP.

See you all on the field

(EDIT) Interesting question: Since I can't read does that mean I can't understand the IC forum? Many lulz were had when Oooragh (can't spell it) sat with me and read out to me all the literature the incantors guild had on them.

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