Healers Event 12th-14th April

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Healers Event 12th-14th April

Post by Red » Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:13 pm

So apparently no one posted this here...

IC Nonsense:
'Guild Members, Friends and Allies,

Last summer, with the help of the Scouts Guild, the Healers Guild devastated the University of Pattern Perfection's forces on the island of Arrakesh. Now we must repair the damage that was done to the island and, perhaps more worryingly, deal with whoever or whatever managed to survive.

If we're lucky, we'll simply spend the weekend cleaning up what remains when the fallen Archon of Good meets Misha on the battlefield, and everyone will become proficient with a mop and bucket.

However, it's unlikely to be so easy a task: the University are known for their horrific constructs, terrifying mind effects and evil cunning. They have forces on the Planes of Unlife as well as our own. They have taken friends and family from many of us, and three, maybe even four leaders from our Guild. And more than anything, they are resilient. The likelihood is that something still lurks on the isle.

I don't know what we're going to face. But whatever happens - whether you are a member or not - the Guild needs your help.


Grandmaster Ravenfire Darkendale
Healers Guild'

Booking can be found here:
http://www.jackalfaction.com/booking/ev ... EventID=14

Cheers guys,

Grandmaster of the Healers Guild.

Totally not a Jackal anymore...

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