Corruptors Guild Social Event - 17th January 2015

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Corruptors Guild Social Event - 17th January 2015

Post by Dantes » Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:53 am

So, as it's payday for a lot of you...

Don't forget to get your booking in for the Corruptors Guild social event. At the moment the ticket price is only £36, which includes afternoon tea and an evening banquet in a beautiful 18th century guild hall. There will also be plot, with everyone's favourite unliving Lords turning up, and if you are struggling for IC reasons to turn up don't be afraid to drop us a line! The plotline is inclusive and doesn't require you to be a corruptor to get involved. We're also happy to accept one off characters if you need one and will help you with a bit of backplot to get you involved on the day!

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